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The Westside comprising some of the most desirable communities in Los Angeles - is a wonderful place to live and do business. It has its own special character upscale and upbeat, with some very affluent residents, yet centrally located, with easy access to many surrounding attractions and events. Beach close, it boasts some of the best air quality in the greater Los Angeles area. The weather is moderate year round, and sea breezes keep residents cool in summer. There are many inviting green spaces here parks, playgrounds, country clubs -- and the 54,000-acre Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area offers a year round playground only minutes away.

The communities of the Westside are less congested than inland areas of Los Angeles, in terms of both traffic and population density, but freeways offer easy access to work throughout the greater LA area. Strong local employment bases allow many residents to work in their community.

Some of the best public and private schools in the LA area can be found in the Westside; including summer programs for children, continuing education for adults, and education for those with special needs or interests. People of many faiths have built places of worship in these communities, and each community has its library, public recreation center, shopping centers, and medical centers.

This facile combination of economic opportunity and domestic tranquility, of local cultural attractions, vibrant shopping districts, and recreational diversity, the prospect of warm sun, clean air, and cloudless skies, make the Westside one of the best places to live anywhere.

How to Choose a Neighborhood

A general rule for the first time buyer with limited financial resources is to purchase a home that meets your needs in the best neighborhood that fits your price range. Most people consider the Westside a very desirable area to live in, so homes purchased in this area are likely to show substantial appreciation over the years, as they have in the past. If you cannot yet afford to buy a house in a prime area, you may wish to consider a condominium as a first time purchase.

By means of these Los Angeles Westside Communities links you can explore some of the factors you might wish to consider in choosing a neighborhood, including geography, transportation, history and attractions, housing and demographics, emergency services, schools and churches:

Bel Air  |   Beverly Hills  |   Brentwood  |   Century City  |   Cheviot Hills  |   Culver City  |   Marina del Rey  |   Mar Vista
Pacific Palisades  |   Palms  |   Playa del Rey  |   Rancho Park  |   Santa Monica  |   Venice  |   Westchester  |   West Los Angeles  |   Westwood


How We Can Help

Neighborhood housing demand can vary from street to street. Our real estate specialists are ready to assist you with "microdemand" research. With years of experience in the Westside real estate market, they are intimately in tune with the character of these neighborhoods. Are multiple offers being made on properties in the neighborhood? Is the gap between the list price and sale price decreasing? Are homes languishing on the market, or are they being snapped up as soon as they are listed? After the honeymoon is over, what will the neighborhood really be like? These are the kinds of questions we can help you answer. For more information, give us a call at (310) 477-3192.


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